Top 5 Myths About Backlinks

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Backlinks are a common topic in internet marketing forums. If you are using SEO, you have to use backlinks of some sort. For this article, rather than discussing what we know about backlinks, it is better to discuss the myth that many people think they know about backlinks. Hope you can learn some knowledge from this article which can save you working time in the future. That’s why here are the top five myths about backlinks I’ve mentioned.

1. Let’s first discuss one of the most common myths about backlinks. Many people believe that the more backlinks you have the better. This is not always the case! While 5,000 profiles might be good, I’d rather get a backlink from the PR7 homepage than 5,000 profile backlinks. All backlinks are not created equal. Some backlinks are better than others, and it’s always good to have quality over quantity. For example, 250 article backlinks are usually more powerful than 5,000 forum profiles because the article backlinks are listed on the page related to your article.

2. A common mistake that I see many people make is that they only create a backlink to their website once and then forget about it. If you have a large website, you need to create backlinks on a regular basis. If you only create backlinks once, your website may not stay in the search engine rankings for that long. Backlinks can be removed, your competitors can create more backlinks, etc. You must create backlinks regularly!

3. A myth has recently hit the news that the same anchor text can be used for all backlinks. Many people have recently learned the hard way through recent updates which is to keep the anchor text unchanged for all backlinks, which can reduce the functionality of these backlinks. Search engines consider it unnatural and can try to limit the impact of these backlinks.

4. Since our topic is anchor text, many people believe that another myth is that you should have some type of anchor text. This is not always the case. You can still take advantage of URL addresses without anchor text. While this may not provide much improvement for specific keywords, it can help you improve certain rankings as a whole and improve the rankings of multiple keywords. If someone offers you a free PR3 link that only contains your URL, jump on it! It is not always necessary to display anchor text!

Finally, I will discuss one of the most controversial topics in backlinks. The idea of ​​many backlinks will work against you. Many people swear this is true. In my experience, I call it a myth. I have never had a website banned by Google from using a lot of backlinks. Additionally, there is nothing in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines that says backlinks can be banned. This is something to consider. If many backlinks can penalize your website, what’s stopping people from creating thousands of backlinks with their competitors? Businesses spend millions of dollars on SEO work and make sure they come first. Is the answer really just to create thousands of backlinks and hurt its competitors? of course not. Google knows this, and they know that if someone can punish someone’s website, search engine indexing is going to have serious problems. You will not be penalized for many backlinks. Worst case scenario, search engines will discover that you have created thousands of backlinks and then choose to lower the value of those backlinks, causing you to lose your previous rankings. When search engines try to figure out where your website is placed, it can also lead to fluctuations in the ranking. However, you will not be banned. Whenever I talk to someone who has their website scolded and backlinks are banned, I always find content on their website that violates webmaster guidelines.

Well, I hope you like this article. I hope you learned something from this article. If you’re struggling to get the ideal ranking, this article can help you change some strategies to avoid mistakes. good luck!


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