The Anatomy of a Proper Backlink

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Setting up backlinks is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Due to all the different methods of establishing backlinks, the webmaster seems to have lost the really important stuff. What really matters are the quality related backlinks; in the age of blog comments, forum posts, social bookmarks, etc., we actually don’t use the phrase anymore. This article aims to educate webmasters on the concept of quality related backlinks.

Relevance is the goal

One of the main goals of setting up backlinks is to get relevant backlinks. Related backlinks are a simple concept and easy to explain. This is just a backlink to a web page and its content is directly related to your website. An example of a related backlink is a car repair website that fetches the link from a website on BMW. Both sites are related to cars, so treat them as related backlinks. However, you can become more relevant. Let’s use the same auto repair website and get backlinks from a website that has a guide to BMW repair methods. Not only did we receive information about the car, but also information about the maintenance department.

This will tell a search engine like Google “Hey, this BMW repair site links to another auto repair site, so it must be related to auto repair.” You will find that Google uses backlinks to help determine that part of the overall concept of the ranking algorithm is very simple. From the perspective of the original backlink, it helps to determine which sites in a particular location or content field are the most popular. In general, all developed and popular websites will have many other inbound links related to this website. This is the main reason why you want to build relevant backlinks.

Quality instead of quantity

There is a big misunderstanding when creating backlinks. Many webmasters and search engine optimization experts believe that the website with the most backlinks will get the highest ranking, which is far from true. In fact, you can usually easily verify the theory with a simple Google random keyword search. If you compare the backlinks of the top ten sites, in most cases you will see that the top ten sites have the most backlinks. This is because quality is more important than quantity when creating backlinks. Just as you are on the battlefield, the army has 10,000 untrained farmers on the one hand, and 1,000 well-trained soldiers on the other. History shows that even if the number of well-trained soldiers is high, they are likely to win the battle. The same factors also play an important role in the quality of search results and website backlinks.

Now you may be wondering “what exactly are such high quality backlinks?” As we said before, you always want to get relevant backlinks, but this is not the end result. Google PageRank is a good way to determine the popularity of a page. A high Google Pagerank value indicates that the page has a large number of high-quality inbound backlinks. Due to the age of text link sales, web pages can only have a Pagerank value based on the purchase of text links. In any case, the Pagerank value is still a good general method of determining the value of a web page. Or you can view the actual backlinks pointing to the page. A web page with relevant inbound backlinks shows that the web page is popular in its area and its content is useful. Webmasters will find many different ways to add value to backlinks, these are just a few examples of how you can use them.

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