Backlinks Are a Must

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Backlinks are an important aspect of search engine optimization. Why is it so important to provide backlinks to your website?

First, let’s define backlinks. Backlinks are basically links found on other sites that direct users back to your website. This is an effective way to promote your website as it can make people aware of it even if the website people are visiting is completely different.

Backlinks also play an important role in improving your website’s ranking in search engine results as these search engines place a lot of emphasis on these links. This is because search engine companies think backlinks are like references, so each backlink is like a reference to your website. Moreover, if the former is also ranked high, any website that leads visitors to your website will also help improve your website’s ranking in the search engines.

However, search engines now realize that many websites use backlinks as a strategy to improve the ranking of websites, so it is necessary to study the quality of the backlinks actually produced. Not only do they rely on the number of backlinks for a given website, but they also study the quality of such links.

To count backlinks, make sure to use the words or phrases embedded in the links around you in your search engine optimization. Hence, it will also help if the website that directs visitors to your website talks about the same topic or problem that your website is talking about, or at least is related to the topic of your website. Search engines appreciate the backlinks related to the published website.

If the site that directs users to your site is a “virtual” site, or is clearly a site that is only used for backlinks, search engines may even rank virtual sites or block them altogether. The websites we refer to are websites that do not display relevant or high quality content, but they are just short articles with many links.

At the same time, other websites also run bi-directional backlinks, which work in a similar way to exchange matches. Here, one website provides a link to another site, and the latter provides a link to the previous site. However, it is not strongly recommended to use this backlink method as in the above case it can cause search engines to lower the rating of your website, especially if the quality of the links you provide is not good.

The best backlinks are those that you don’t have to pay for or create your own backlinks (for example, in the case of the aforementioned virtual site). If your website is interesting, if it always has new content and is relevant to what people consider important today, in short, if it is worth reading, other websites will of course list and recommend your website, and in the link to your website is provided on the website because they really like it.


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