Amazon Prime, How to register ?

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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

Online shopping has become popular among people. The way of shopping has changed, especially in the UK and US, where the majority of people love to shop online.

Well, Amazon Prime is a big retail center these days. It was launched in 200 in the US, and after huge success, it was introduced as a free shipping scheme in the UK.

Through the journey, they have added a lot of new features and services to it. The most prominent is the super-fast and a range of free delivery that is according to your ZIP code.

In some areas of the UK, you can get delivery on the same day. Even in some states, you can get your parcel within two hours.

That is pretty cool and fast. Well, in Amazon, there are many other appealing features like access to a back catalogue of movies, music streaming, and access to TV shows.

The most important thing is the price of Amazon prime offer, and that is quite affordable for everyone.

You have to pay just $10.99 every month. If you want to try the services, you can check the free trial of Amazon Prime.

If you ever missed the free trial in back years, they allow you to reset it. So, you can enjoy your free trial at any time.

Amazon Prime has different plans like Amazon Now, Amazon Pantry, Amazon Fresh and many more.

The Amazon Prime Fresh is mainly for the food and Amazon Now to deliver things within one hour.

What services do you get by Amazon Prime?

Free Shipping and Fast delivery: –

There is the availability of fast delivery and free shipping for all the Amazon prime users. You can get the one-day delivery in UK and two-day package delivery within the US.

For some specific areas and states, you can also get your parcel within less than 2 hours. That’s a pretty smart move. When we do some online shopping, we want to get it instantly.

So Amazon Prime makes it possible. But, be careful the stock that they deliver in one-day delivery is not comprehensive.

So, if you want a long list of things you should go for the next day delivery. Once you add items to your cart, Amazon Primes suggests you the option that is available for your shipment.

Most of the time they give you free shipping but if they cost delivery for something that is quite affordable.

Kindle Books: –

Kindle is the interest of many of us. If you are a kindle owner, then you can get a lot of benefits from this membership.

You will get access to a free eBook per month. You can get access to other books from the kindle library. So, get ready all the book worms. Amazon Prime has a lot for you.

No doubt you get the short range of books but the quality one. You can borrow the books from the kindle library through your Amazon Prime membership.

If you want to enjoy more books, you can go to the Kindle library unlimited subscription.

Instant Videos by Amazon Prime: –

And Instant videos are popular streaming. You can watch hundreds of movies and TV shows on it.

By the Amazon Prime, you will get access to the all Amazon Prime TV shows. So, there is no need to pay extra money for these videos.

You can search for the name of the best TV shows and movies and enjoy. It is like Netflix, but it has its TV shows and other serials.

You can avail this service by a series of apps for smart devices like smartphones, tablets, laptop, and computers.

There are also different apps for Android phones and IOS. But, if you want to watch the TV shows on the desktop, you have to go through the Amazon Prime Website. They also allow you to download the videos as Netflix do.

Music: –

Everyone wants the free streaming of tracks. You can enjoy it on Amazon Prime.

They offer you access to millions of latest records. There is also the prime photo feature that gives you access to recover and backup photos from your computer.

Pros : –

  • Very Fast Delivery than usual services. Even free same-day delivery.
  • The excellent and affordable price.
  • Free music streaming.
  • Free access to Amazon Prime Videos.
  • Membership sharing via Amazon Household account.

Cons: –

  • One-day delivery limited to the specific country and areas.
  • There is no desktop app available. So if you want to watch Amazon Prime videos on desktop, you have to go through the website.

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